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Common Smartphone Mistakes to Avoid

Common Smartphone Mistakes to Avoid
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Over the last decade, no invention has revolutionized the modern world quite like the smartphone. Though they’ve only been around roughly a decade, for many it can be hard to imagine what life would be like without smart phones. Okay, perhaps we would be slightly more sociable, but for the most part, we would be struggling without smart phones. More than 1 in 2 people now owns a smart phone or tablet, yet many of these people are not using their devices to their full capabilities. Not only are people not getting the full benefits from their smart devices, but in some cases people are using them incorrectly and are opening themselves up to all kinds of security threats and risks. To ensure you get the most out of your smart phone, and more importantly, that you use it correctly, here's a look at several common smart phone mistakes to avoid making.  

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 Not having a pin or passcode :

A lot of smart phone owners out there make the mistake of not having a pin or passcode for their phone, as in their minds, they feel as if they don’t need them. Obviously, it can be tedious having to constantly enter the pin or passcode to your device every time you wish to use it, but seriously, it is hugely important to have a passcode or security pin for your smart device. There are many reasons for this, though perhaps the most important is to stop personal info falling into the wrong hands. Say for example, you dropped your phone in the park one day and didn’t have a security pin or passcode. Whomever found your phone could then access your photos, data, apps, and other personal info, plus they could make calls until you had the number blocked. With a security pin or passcode, if your phone was lost or stolen, your personal info would be safe.  


Using auto sign-in functions :

Again, as annoying as it can be to have to enter passwords and codes manually, it is a darn sight more annoying having to deal with identity theft or fraud. Many smart phone users do their banking on their phones via apps, and a lot of these individuals use auto sign-in functions and features to save them having to manually enter passwords. If, however, your phone fell into the wrong hands, that person would be able to potentially access your private bank account, and any other apps using the same auto sign-in features, which could be devastating. Never use auto sign-in features, no matter how much you might hate manually entering passwords.  


Clicking links from unverified email addresses : 

Thirdly, if you have a smart phone and you receive an email from an address you don’t recognise, no matter how legitimate it may look, you should NEVER click the link. By doing so you could potentially infect your device with a virus, which could them result in the device breaking, and sensitive data and info again falling into the wrong hands. Just to give an idea of how serious fraudulent emails can be, every single day, over 150 million fraudulent emails are sent to people worldwide.  


Not using a case :

Finally, the last mistake we’ll be looking at today, is perhaps one of the easiest to avoid. 1 in 4 smart phone users does not use a case for their smart device, and more often than not, this eventually results in them dropping the device and having to get the screen replaced. Protective smart phone cases cost very little yet they offer a great deal of protection. As you know, most smart phones have glass fronts, with some having glass backs as well, so if you drop a caseless phone on the floor, you’re in trouble. Basically, buy a case as they cost very little and can save you a heck of a lot more.  

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